Fall / Holiday  Scent Tarts

Fall / Holiday Scent Tarts



All of our tarts are made with 100% soy wax.

Each has 6 breakaway melts. The melts come in a reclosable clamshell packing.
Each melt is approx 1″ cube, and the package is 3.5oz


  • Bayberry – A fragrance that captures your senses with fresh and woodsey fir, delicate nutmeg and sweet berries.
  • Candy Cane - The stimulating fragrance of fresh peppermint leaves, vanilla and just a trace of strawberries.
  • Clove - The warm and comforting fragrance of a spicy clove bud.
  • Crackling Firewood – Delightful blend of Wood, Raspberry, Vanilla. Smells like you're at a campfire!
  • Cranberry Apple Marmalade – Citrus Apple and berried with wisps of cherry peach, apples, and vanilla spice. Yummy!
  • Frankincense- The earthy and smoky fragrance of the aromatic tree resin thats sweet and spicy..
  • Gingerbread -The warming scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla & ginger baked into our candles.
  • Harvest Spice - Spicy and complex combination of cinnamon bark, nutmeg seed, clove bud, pumpkin fruit, vanilla bean and ginger root.
  • Jack Frost – A most refreshing combination of pungent peppermint, warm vanilla and enticing musk.
  • Hot Cocoa - There's nothing better than a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm up your body and soul. Rich, chocolaty, smooth and delicious.
  • Mistletoe – This holiday favorite is a wonderful fruit and floral array kissed with mistletoe, jasmine and rose. Cinnamon, fir balsam, cedar and clove add inner warmth and richness.
  • Mulled Cider – Aged to perfection! This warm fall favorite begins with aged apple cider simmered with allspice, ground ginger and clove enveloped in a rich cinnamon spice base.
  • Old Man Winter – A splendid mix of fresh cut pine boughs of balsam, pine and fir wrapped around warmed cinnamon sticks, ground clove, with a base note of dried winter fruits, sweet oakmoss and good cheer.
  • Peppermint – A blast of true peppermint, sure to awaken the senses.
  • Pine – The natural & woody essence of fir and balsam trees..
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice - The aroma of sweet pumpkins complimented with nuances of nutmeg, clove and ginger.
  • Pumpkin Crunch Definite seasoned pumpkin aroma with a fall spice mix that says, "welcome home" through and through
  • Spiced Cranberry– Spicy and woody fragrance of tart cranberries, cinnamon & ground cloves
  • Winter Forest – A walk through the forest on a crisp winter morning. Balsam aroma everywhere.
  • Winter Sage - This wonderful housewarming scent is the perfect blend of crisp falling leaves, drying herbs with a top note of clean fresh air.
  • XMAS Eve - A vivacious fruity and berry blend with holiday cherries, apples, peaches and strawberries followed with a scrumptious sweet vanilla base.