As of Oct 2021 we have made some changes to Prevail by Endless Xpressions. 

News and updates will be located on this page to help with information needed in occurring changes 


10/07/2021 :  Official Notice email sent. If you did not receive it, you can view a copy HERE

Correction update  is HERE


10/07/2021 :  Structure changes. All affiliates will now receive 30% commissions on ALL products and categories. Downline and networks will no longer be available. If you refer someone and they purchase a kit, you will receive commissions off that purchase.  




10/06/2021 :  We have gone to an all email communication system. You may contact us through the contact us link on your webite, through your back office or as well as the facebook fan page messaging for assistance. The facebook group will be archived 10/8/2021


 10/01/2021 :  Login requirement active.  Please make sure you are logging in to your back office to stay active and not be removed from our system. 





Affiliate Information 


  • Active Requirement:
     To maintain an active status - it's simple! Login once every 90 days to your Representative Back Office. Failure to log in will mean your account will be deactivated. 

  • Commissions:
    As of 10/7/2021 Commission rate for affiliate is 30% on ALL products and categories.
  • Discount:
    All affiliates receive a 30% on their personal orders.  Use code EFAF in checkout to receive your discount 

  • Contacting Corporate:
    You may contact corporate through the Contact us page in your back office, on the website or send us a message through our Facebook page 


      Documents & Links are located at the bottom of your back office in the footer links