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Benefits of joining:

FREE Website: All affiliates get a free website. No fees Ever!

30% Personal Shopping discount: After you join you receive your own personal discount code that you can use to shop anytime. Purchase goodies for yourself, or purchase for your customers and keep the profit.

25% Commissions: Once you become an affiliate, you will earn 25% commissions on sales that are made by customers on your website.

5% Downline Commissions: Build a team and earn 5% of your downlines sales. Each time one of your downlines make a sale on their website, you earn 5% of that sale.

Easy Active Requirement: To stay as an active affiliate, all you have to do is log in to your back office a minimum of once every 90 days



So here is how it works:
You sign up as an Xpressionista, you promote your website link and earn money! Easy!



Advancement is Available!

Want to earn even more? YOU CAN! Reach for the stars and earn a higher level of advancement. Earning a Trainer level will open up more downline level commissions.

To reach advancement your PSV (Personal sales Volume) much reach a lifetime total of $1500. Once you reach that level, you will open up 5 levels deep!

  • YOU: 25% Commissions on personal sales
  • Downline Level 1: 5% Commissions on Downline Sales
  • Downline Level 2: 3% Commissions on Downline Sales
  • Downline Levels 3,4,5: 1% Commissions on Downline Sales.



The "Skinny"....

* You Must be 18 years of age or older

* We only accept affiliates in the US or Canada



Starter Kit Options






Back Office Set up

Website Link Creation

(No Products Included)












Back office & Website Setup

2 Bath Bombs

1 Soap

2 Dip/Dessert Mixes











Website & Back Office Setup

2 Soaps

3 Bath Bombs

2 Dip & Dessert Mix

2 Pairs of Earrings

1  1/2 lb coffee or tea

1 Coochy Shave Cream or Body Mist






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