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  • WHAT METALS ARE YOUR OTHER JEWELRY ITEMS MADE OF? Our jewelry comes in a variety of metals; titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, tungsten. 
  •  Fashion jewelry items not listed with metal are made of a high quality nickel and lead free alloy.
  • DOES YOUR JEWELRY TARNISH? All jewelry, at some point, begins to tarnish. It does not mean it will completely fade away or that you have a lesser quality piece of jewelry; it simply means that all jewelry needs to be cared for properly. Polishing your jewelry with either specific metal cleaner or a polishing cloth can restore shine and sparkle. Everything that comes in contact with your jewelry (no matter if it is silver, gold or any other metal) can cause tarnishing or discoloration. Such things can be sunlight, household chemicals, air, body oils (the natural oils your body produces), dirt, body iron levels, and even food can cause discoloration or tarnishing. Cleaning and proper care of your item is highly recommended.
  • WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF METAL? Tungsten is a harder, denser metal. It is a heavier weight than other metals and is easily be polished and is more durable. Tungsten cannot easily be resized. Stainless steel is made from an alloy of steel and chromium, the latter of which lends stainless steel its incredible tarnish resistance. Despite its considerable hardiness, stainless steel is one of the most affordable jewelry materials on the market. Stainless steel is available in a number of different grades, the most preferable of which for jewelry for durability reasons is 316L. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and safe for allergic skin. Because of the strength of the material, stainless steel rings are not resizable - however, their incredibly low price point makes it easy to replace a stainless steel ring if need be. Titanium is very durable, with excellent crack-resistance and good scratch-resistance. Due to its inertness titanium has hypoallergenic properties, and can be worn by those who have sensitive skin. Titanium rings are not resizable due to their strength, but can be inexpensively replaced. They are low maintenance and can easily be cleaned with a simple mild soap and water solution. Sterling silver is an excellent option for those seeking white metal jewelry who don’t have the budget for platinum, white gold or palladium. Sterling silver’s natural malleability lends itself well to a number of designs, and makes it ideal as a setting for gemstones like diamonds. While sterling silver is not completely tarnish or oxidization-resistant, it is easily cleaned. Sterling silver rings are easily resizable as well.



    WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PERSONALIZED BAGS? Personalized items have a MAX characters per line. We can process personalization up to 2 lines but each line is max 10 characters. We cannot personalized with special characters such as #, ., !. It can only be letters or numbers. **PLEASE CHECK ITEM DESCRIPTION AS CHARACTER COUNT WILL VARY PER ITEM.


  • DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY? Due to the type of products we offer, we do not have a specific warranty on each product. We do offer replacement of your item if it arrives defective or damaged. See Returns information above. Wear n tear is not returnable
  • HOW DURABLE ARE YOUR BAGS? Each tote bag, personalized bag or handbag is made from a variety of manufactures. All bags can last quite some time with proper care.


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