Green Onion Madness Dip Mix

Green Onion Madness Dip Mix

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How to Use: Mix with one cup sour cream and one cup mayonnaise. For a lighter dip, use greek yogurt instead. Mix to desired taste. For cheeseballs, simply add mix to 10oz cream cheese. Refrigerate for 4 hours. For Salad Dressing, mix with oil or sour cream / mayonnaise mixture to desired thickness. Other Options: Use blended cottage cheese, hummus, or even tofu !

TIP: The longer you let them stay in the refrigerator before using them, the better the flavors blend. Several hours is fine. Overnight is best.


INGREDIENTS Dehydraded onion, whey, salt, parsley flakes, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed soy protien, dehydraded green onion, natural flavors, oleoresin tumeric, less then 2% tricalcium phosphate for anticaking. ALLERGINS: soy, milk