Metamorfit PRIME 180 capsules

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PRIME is the most potent fat burner for both men and women who seek to lose fat.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules packed full of metabolic boosters to enhance the body’s natural calorie burning processes, natural caffeine, b-vitamins, and energy boosters to get through the whole day and the gym, thermogenics to help incinerate fat from the inside out, appetite suppressants to help create the calorie deficit necessary for weight loss or fight back that sweet tooth for clean eating and cut phases.  

All this is combined with full doses of nootropics which are supplement ingredients that improve cognitive function under stress, enhance memory and learning ability, protect the brain from chemical attack such as cortisol overload, and increase neural firing speed.

All this is one easy to carry bottle. No stacks, no color coded pills. Just two servings a day is all it takes to help get you in to the best shape of your life..your PRIME!

For best results use with exercise and a healthy diet.


** Not recommended for breast feeding women due to a potency of the supplement

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