4oz Tea Tree Essential Oil

4oz Tea Tree Essential Oil

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4oz Bottle


A very powerful immune stimulant, helping to fight infections and promote clear skin.

A hugely popular natural ingredient because of its amazing healing powers.

Tea tree oil is an all-natural fungicide and antibacterial which can be utilized naturally to assist with an assortment of health related issues, not to mention around the home. It could be a germicide for the house, behave as an anti septic, help to deal with infections, and more.

Uses for Tea Tree Oil:

Useful for cuts and scrapes

Fights Acne

Facial Skin Health

Helps Nasal Congestion

Fights fungus and Athletes Foot



** Essential oils are not to put directly on the skin. A carrier oil must be used. Carrier oils include; coconut oil, apricot oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and so on.

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